Flashbacks Done Right

Onwards, Upwards

It is a tool used to provide explanation. It sets a background for what is already there. It provides history. It is a tool meant to help the reader understand, to further the plot. Oftentimes it is a tool that does nothing but leave the reader absolutely confused. Flashbacks are extremely important to some stories, but quite often they’re not written properly.

Separate your flashbacks. This is a very simple thing to do, yet I always find writers who don’t. If your flashback isn’t separated from the text before or after it, do you know what readers are thinking? They’re thinking: Why the hell is this there? Where did this come from? Did I accidentally miss a chunk of text? That’s not to say they won’t catch on quickly, because they will, but they’re going to be frustrated and annoyed.

Italicize. Whether your flashback is set after a line break…

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