Loitering by Charles D’Ambrosio

Bill Syken


I almost never read what could be broadly described as the alternative press, largely because it requires time I don’t have. Between working, writing, family, walking the dog, eating, fitness, crosswords, daydreaming, eating and sports—this Warriors-Cavs series is the greatest thing ever, right?—it’s all I can do to keep up my New Yorker subscription (and Bloomberg Business Week, Sports Illustrated, the weekend NYTimes and some other stuff).

Charles D’Ambrosio’s collection Loitering makes me feel like I’ve been missing something, possibly something quite important. While a couple of D’Ambrosio’s essays initially appeared in that that most gatekept of institutions, New Yorker ( I first became a fan of D’Ambrosio’s fiction after hearing his short story The Point read and discussed on the invaluable New Yorker fiction podcast) most of the pieces in Loitering first appeared in the alternative press. His writing goes on one brilliant flight after another. If I…

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