How To Be A Better Coffee Shop Customer

 As someone who works in a coffee shop, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly of customers. A better experience for the employee means a better experience for you, so follow these tips to have a better coffee shop visit next time. 

Decide Your Order In Advance

It may be hard to pick between that macchiato and the vanilla latte, but try and think through what you want before you reach the front of the queue. There’s nothing worse for the coffee shop worker or for the people behind you then a person who stands there deciding for a full minute before they come to place their order.

Order From The Menu

This one tends to be a pet hate of coffee shop workers. If the menu says Blended Iced Coffee, don’t order a frappucino. It is annoying as well as confusing for the person trying to put your order through the till. Saying exactly what you mean will put the coffee in your hand faster, as well as making someone else’s life easier. 

Wait Patiently

Again, this may sound hard to carry out. You’re already late to work, you’re tired, need the caffeine- all you want is to grab your drink and run. But the coffee machine, till and people can all only work so fast. If you don’t have the five minutes to spare, you shouldn’t stop to get a drink in the first place.

Try To Be Nice

That person behind the counter is a person too. If they smile and say hello, you don’t have to launch into a full on conversation if you’re busy, but it’s polite to acknowledge them. Smile back, place your order, chat a little. Apart from spreading a bit of happiness, they may well make your coffee a little hotter, put in a little more syrup, and generally give you a better time. Even if your server is busy and not very friendly, remember that they are trying their best and keep up the kindness!

Simple points to make your life as a coffee consumer better, and help out a coffee shop employee. 


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