A digital reading list


A chap I met yesterday asked me if I could recommend some sources to help him get his head around “digital”.

Now whilst I’m sure that whattheheckisdigital.com exists, as an exercise in identifying my own sources of influence it was interesting, because it highlighted how much of my work is synthesising from diverse sources. Here’s the (extremely far from conclusive) succinct list…

Don Tapscott is a writer who for many years now has been observing and theorising about how technology is shaping and changing the worlds of business, politics and education – http://dontapscott.com/

Dan Pink has written about changing patterns of work, partly in how our expectations and motivations aren’t what many think they are (spoiler: not money), partly about how that means we are doing things differently – http://www.danpink.com/

Adam Grant’s work on Givers, Takers and Matchers goes a long way for me to help set context for the…

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