Have You Ever Wondered Why Conservatives Continuously Bang The Drums Of Fear And Hate?

Lean Left

There have been a lot of stupid things being said lately.  Of course, we have the whack-nut Trump calling Mexican immigrants rapists.  We have unintelligent people like Cruz agreeing with him.  We have the State of Texas refusing to issue birth certificates to immigrant children born in Texas.  We have a right-wing heavily edited lying video about Planned Parenthood “selling” fetus tissue.

The right is up-in-arms over the recently announced Iran Deal, without even reading it first.  There are still public employees who swore an oath to uphold the laws of the State and Country denying marriage licenses to people.  And, we still have Scott Walker saying the “minimum wage” is “lame” all the while eliminating the “living wage” definition from Wisconsin’s laws.

There have been some positives as well.  Obamacare withstood another frivolous law suit in the Supreme Court.  Same-sex marriage was declared constitutional by the same Supreme Court. …

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