Scout grows up

K. Brent Tomer

(K. Brent Tomer),

Go Set a Watchman. By Harper Lee. Harper; 278 pages; $27.99. William Heinemann; £18.99.

FOR more than half a century “To Kill a Mockingbird” has been revered as a literary classic, the story of Scout and Jem Finch, a young sister and brother (and their naughty friend, Dill Harris, based on Truman Capote) who are all trying to make sense of the bewildering, bigoted American South in the 1930s. The novel sold 40m copies, won a Pulitzer prize and was made into a much-loved film, starring Gregory Peck as the siblings’ father, Atticus Finch, a heroic white lawyer who defends a black man accused of raping a white woman. Its fame was enhanced by the way the author, Harper Lee, who was only 34 when the book came out, reacted to becoming famous. Now 89 and living in a home, she has refused all requests for an…

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  1. tarunmankar
    Jul 23, 2015 @ 15:11:19

    Nice post….. thank you for sharing this 🙂



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