The Sculptor: The Impending Death of the Artist

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Cartoonist and comic theorist Scott McCloud’s debut full-length novel The Sculptor is a wonderful contribution to the graphic novel medium.

My first experience with McCloud’s work was his seminal text Understanding Comics which is the graphic equivalent of a textbook. Understanding Comics itself is something of an unwieldy beast in that it is a textbook about comics, written as a comic. To create such a monster is no small feat, and it’s no surprise that such a brain is capable of churning out what amounts to one of the best graphic novels I’ve had the pleasure of reading in the past decade.

The Sculptor is the story of struggling artist and sculptor David Smith who makes a deal with death for success. What follows is a stunningly calculated foray into the world of New York City and the lives of a struggling artist.

But there’s a love story. There has to be a…

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