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The Mountain Mystery

Munroe's Thing ExplainerMunroe’s Thing Explainer

Could you describe your work to someone new if you had to use fewer than 1,000 words? I certainly hope so – that’s two or three typed pages. If you need more than that, maybe you don’t really know your own project as well as you should. But what about this twist – try to use only the 1,000 most common words in the English language. This is the idea behind a new book by XKCD’s Randall Munroe, a cartoonist so creative that he sometimes doesn’t use any words at all.

The thousand most commonly used words (actually, the ‘ten hundred‘ as the word ‘thousand‘ is not among the thousand most commonly used words) include terms like love (but not hate) and mind (but not brain) – according to the reliable reference The Reading Teacher’s Book of Lists, published…

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You Are Known.

Tea for Two (Countries)


Cultural Parallels

Tea is enjoyed all over the world as an herbal remedy, a rainy day comfort, or simply a breakfast drink. In many cases, tea is consumed as a way to pass the time with others, but Japan and England in particular have elevated tea to the status of ritual. Also known as the Way of Tea, the Japanese tea ceremony chanoyu is a carefully orchestrated performance focused on the powdered green tea, matcha. Governed by rules regulating preparation, serving, and consumption, chanoyu, literally “hot water for tea,” is far more complex than the misleading translation suggests. Conversely, English High Tea, also known as Afternoon Tea, is a relatively unstructured affair. These traditions are not based on religion, family, or rites of passage; they are cultural constructs built around themes of indulgence, status, and aesthetic.

A demonstration of the Japanese tea ceremony. Photo credit: ourcamden.org. A demonstration of the Japanese tea ceremony. Photo credit: ourcamden.org.

Though the merchants who…

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New York! New York!

Everyday Gratitude

I did it! I visited New York ~ indulged myself in the beauty and uniqueness of this city, breathed the expensive air on the Fifth Avenue, locked my love for life on the Brooklyn Bridge, danced on Broadway Street, kissed on Time Square, lost myself in the magnitude of man-made beauty right on top of the Empire Stare Building… Yes – I almost shook hands with Miss Liberty and camped 🙂 on the Rockefeller Plaza. I cried all my tears by the memories of Twin Towers and left a white rose on the weeping fountain… Yes – I did it all!

I am so so happy! Life is a dream if we chose to dream 🙂

And here are my memories – I am grateful for every single one of them and more 🙂

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Pride v. Prejudice

29 of july 1148 the siege of damascus, second crusade #onthisday


29 of july today 1148.a.d the siege of damascus ends the decisive crusader who defeat and leads to the disintegration of the second crusades lead to many problems. in the middle ages.


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